T & Julie's Memorial Weekend Visit 2004

My brudder, T, and his chick, Julie, came up to visit us for Memorial Day weekend. We tried to do a quick tour of North Georgia with them. We started out at Tallulah Gorge, hiked and camped, then headed for the Ocoee, rafted and camped, and then hit Unicoi for a short hike.
Setting up the tent at Tallulah Gorge. Randal, Julie, T. Julie, T, Randal.
Some sort of fish nests. Tallulah Gorge. T and Julie.
The Gorge.
My hubby explaining something to my brudder and Julie. Pretty fall. The Gorge as seen from the swinging bridge.
The swinging bridge. That's my husband. My husband dwarfed by the fall.
My boy jumping rocks. T with a tiny Randal in the background. Julie with a slightly less tiny Randal in the background.
Randal looking for snakes. Julie cooling off. I see you.
Pretty pyramid stone. Nice walkway. Julie cooling down.
The Gorge. The bridge from a distance.
The dam. The dam from a distance. Squirrels.
T stokes the fire. Julie, Randal, T. J'Lynn loose on Ducktown.
Rafting the Ocoee. L->R (front): Julie, T (back): Randal, Me (guide): Dave. Visitor in our campground.
Randal, T, Julie. Pretty flutterby.
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