Traveling is my passion.  I didn’t have many opportunities for it growing up, but when I met my husband, that all changed.  Some would say that it is the one thing we actually have in common.  When I met him in 1999, he had already been to the forty-eight contiguous states at least once.  I made him take me around to all of them before he could finish the last two.  We explored Alaska for our honeymoon in 2004 and island hopped Hawaii in 2005.  To some, it may not seem like much, but I had a huge feeling of accomplishment.  We’ve been to other countries as well and look forward to continually expanding our horizons.  There aren’t very many places in the world I don’t want to visit, although there are several that I wouldn’t want to visit at this time.  Please feel free to peruse any of my trips by clicking the links to the right.

My travels thus far include:

All 50 of the United States!!! Completed October 2005

4 Canadian Provinces

29 Countries (13% of the world)

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