2008 MexiCruise Trip...

today we ported in calica (ca-lee-ka) which sounds like a wonderfully exotic place but, in reality is just a quarry with a dock for barges. we learned that the holiday is the only cruise ship that ports there. seriously, this is not a place that you decide to just walk around town. heck, there’s not even a shopping plaza – there’s about six or seven merchant tents like a tiny flea market. you can catch a taxi (no complimentary shuttle provided) to playa del carmen for $13. if you are on the holiday and have a stop in calica, i seriously recommend an excursion or don’t bother getting of the ship.

from this side of the ship, it looks like an inviting place

fortunately, we did have an excursion booked that we were really looking forward to. we went to the chaak tun cenote (cavern) for some underground snorkeling.

folks, the whole time we were in there, i kept saying “this is so cool!”. and not just because the water was 72° either. we’ve been to caverns before like mammoth cave and diamond caverns but there’s just something about seeing the stalactites and stalagmites and all that jazz underwater. add in some bats and cool fossils and it was just a good time. most of the time we had to wear life vests which i found annoying and nasty (i’m pretty sure they’ve never been cleaned and it kept scooting up into my face) but at the end, there was a thirty-something foot pool that we were allowed to take our vests off, at our own risk of course, and do some free swimming/diving.

when we were through, our guide led us out to a refreshment area where we were offered bottles of water, sodas, and cerveza. being in mexico, i figured they’d be giving out some coronas but it was some generic looking stuff called sol which the imbibers didn’t seem to care for much – most switched to water or soda after the first. it was a relatively short excursion and, on the way back to the ship, the bus driver was kind enough to stop in play del carmen to drop off those that wanted to do some shopping in town. saved them one of the $13 taxi fares, right?

apparently mexico is too poor for barbed wire

as for us, we went back to the ship, got showered and changed, had lunch, walked around a bit, ran into anastasia and talked with her a while, played putt-putt (i won!), hung out by the pool and relaxed.

windy hair


when we went back to our room to get ready for dinner we were surprised to see invitations for a past-guest reception (whoohooo! i love the receptions!!!) and a couple of holiday pins. we headed to the reception, then dinner, and the show of the night was the guest talent show. there were six singers and while they weren’t all *ahem* talented, it was entertaining.

towel animal du jour: bunny rabbit!



days at sea are wonderfully lazy days. i love them. we showed up to the breakfast buffet just before they shut down the line. the day consisted largely of napping, watching movies, and lounging by the pool. hubby tried to teach me chess on the massive game board on the pool deck. luckily, i didn’t lose because we had to end the game to get ready for dinner. as the last night of a cruise usually goes, there was much exchanging of emails and good-bye conversations.

burrell and linda

charles and suzanne

we missed the show because they inexplicably rearranged the schedule so that the show was before dinner and we missed that part of the bulletin. however, we did make it to the late-night adult comedy show which was the same guy as two nights ago and, while i still didn’t laugh as much as with the first guy, i thought his adult show was much better than the general one. i laughed quite a bit. when we got out of the show, we headed into the disco where we had agreed to meet up with anastasia (she doesn’t partake of the comedy shows because, while her english is great, her slang is not and the subtleties of the comedians are hard for her to understand). we ended up hanging out, talking, and dancing with anastasia until almost 02:00.

me and anastasia

anastasia and hubby

towel animal du jour: flower



we’re back in port for a few hours, marking the halfway point in our cruise. It’s been a wonderful week filled with rest, relaxation, snorkeling, and way too much eating. The coolest thing was an
excursion from calica (which isn’t really a town, just a port in the middle of a quarry – the nearest town is playa del carmen ten miles away). We snorkled underground in a cavern called chaak tun. I think we have some good pix of the underwater stalactites, stalagmites, collumns, and even some fishies. We also met some great people, including a girl traveling by herself from Russia (siberia to be exact). She was very interesting and we spent a lot of time hanging out with her. Of course, pix and full recap will have to wait until we’re home at the end of the week and I have my computer.