cruisin’ day 3

today was our first stop in cozumel. the engines got very loud and our room started shaking around 07:00. it wasn’t too bad but i’m pretty certain that never happened on the glory (maybe, just maybe, i’ll actually write up a travel log for that cruise someday, although it would probably just be pix because it’s been two years and i don’t remember many details). while i’m at it, i might as well review the holiday a bit. it is a noticeably smaller and older ship than the glory. it is clean and in good repair but there is not as much to do. all in all it doesn’t bother me too much but it is much noisier and the motion is much more exaggerated (really, i never felt any motion on the glory at all but nobody can walk straight on this ship). i’ve seen many people walking around with patches behind their ears and i’m pretty sure someone like my cousin, bro-n-law, or MIL would have a rough time on it. /review

anyhow, the excursion we booked today was more of a beach break deal. it was an all day snorkeling pass at the el cid resort which included all-you-want food and drinks. we laughed a bit because it ended up being right at the end of the pier so we had a view of our ship all day (until we came up from snorkeling one time and realized that our ship had grown and changed it’s name to imagination).

we lounged for a bit when we first got there before finally testing out the waters.

the snorkeling wasn’t the best because the small reef that was there was very bleached. they said that wilma destroyed a lot of their reefs, which is a shame. however, there were patches of nice coral and some colorful fish, anemones, and urchins.

we snorkeled for a bit, got out to rest and enjoy refreshments, and snorkeled some more.

i think we went in about four times and snorkeled for probably an hour or so each time. i took a few dunks in the fresh water pool which was a welcome change from the salt water (i haven’t even tried the pools on the ship because i remember not much caring for the salty pools). all in all, it was a great way to spend the day. after all, this trip is all about relaxing and we got to do plenty of that. the sun and swimming took its toll and we ended up taking a short nap when we got back on the ship – our wake up call being the engines as we were leaving port. our after-dinner entertainment was a juggling show followed by another comedian. the juggler was manuel zuniga who we had seen on the glory two years ago. he’s good at what he does and puts on a funny show. the comedian was tim harkleroad who wasn’t as funny as the other guy. i’m not sure if it was part of his act or what but he just seemed nervous and ill-prepared. tonight was also the night of the big deck party and midnight buffet (at 23:30) which was mexican food. unfortunately, i absolutely stuffed myself at dinner and had no room for midnight mexican (i’m sure my tummy thanks me for that) but we walked around a bit before coming to bed.

towel animal du jour: scorpion!