Carnival Elation Day 4 – Montego Bay, Jamaica

After two days at sea, we woke up ready to get off the ship for a little while and we finally got up early enough to have a good breakfast in the dining room. Much better selection and quality than buffet breakfast. We then took a quick trip around the upper decks to see what Montego Bay looked like

the harbor at montego bay

and went back to gather our snorkel gear and head for the gangway to catch our Catamaran Sail and Snorkel excursion.  

setting sail

enjoying the wind in my hair

windy hubby

First, that description is somewhat of an exaggeration. While it is true that we boarded a catamaran and they raised the sail, I would hardly call it sailing. We ended up going just about spitting distance from the ship. The snorkeling wasn’t great but it was pretty good, certainly better than some other places we’ve been. And hubby’s underwater photography skills are getting better all the time.  


this would be the boat that nearly ran me over because i had my head down and wasn't paying attention

Unfortunately, the actual snorkeling time was very limited. Honestly, I don’t think we were in the water thirty minutes. After calling us back to the boat, we pulled over to Margaritaville where we were given another thirty minutes to play on the slide and water trampolines and such. And then we took the five minute “sail” back to the ship.

margaritaville slide

spitting distance from the ship

The slide was fun but not necessarily worth giving up so much snorkeling time. Hubby took the following video going down it and waiting at the bottom for me to fly out of it.

on our way back to the ship

hubby and the elation

Since we were already wet and in our swimwear, we dropped off the snorkel gear and headed up to the pool. We played on the slide a bit and soaked in the hot tub for a while before eating lunch.  

hubby approaching the ship's slide

slide, hubby, slide


the good life

And that’s when the sickness started. This is our sixth cruise and I’ve never been sick. Today I spent eleven straight hours hugging the commode. Hubby only left me a couple times to grab me some bread, see the “sail away,” and to get a bite of dinner at the buffet since I wasn’t going to make it to the dining room. Good thing we had a good time this morning… at least I can’t say it was a totally not fun day.  

pulling away from montego bay