Carnival Elation Day 6 – Cozumel, Mexico

This morning, we managed to sleep in just enough but still get up in time for breakfast in the dining room. Since there were no ruins available to us and we’ve been to Cozumel enough to know that it’s safe, we took our time getting off the ship. We were docked at a new dock with a new little shopping village so we strolled through it and then made our way out to the street. We walked a couple miles before turning back around because I was tired of the ground swaying so much – I promised to stop at the desk when we got back on the ship to buy something for seasickness.

too far apart for size perspective; the elation and the royal caribbean oasis

the carnival elation and inspiration

pretty red tree

mexican iguana

then there were two

keeping an eye on me

hubby cooling down after the hot walk

bluetiful! looking toward the dock we've parked at on previous cruises.

bluer than blue. looking at the new dock and shops.

It was an enjoyable stroll together but it was very hot and we were happy to get back to the ship and hit up the frozen yogurt machines. That, naturally, led to an ice cream coma that lasted the rest of the afternoon. It was nearly 18:00 when we finally got out to grab a small snack for lunch and then passed the next two hours until dinner. Happily, Meclizine is a miracle drug and for the first time in two days my head is no longer swimming to the point of nausea. Tonight’s main show was a single seating of their newest show, which they’ve been hyping all week, “Win”. I… didn’t get it. It was a vaudeville compilation of game show and sports skits with singing and dancing. The singing, even from the female vocalist, was terrible. The whole thing was just a mess and I really wished that we had chosen to go to the first AO comedy act from the new comedians instead (again, with the having to choose, Carnival). Hubby and I both agreed that it was the worst show we’ve seen on a cruise ship. When that was finally over, we headed up to catch the second AO comedy show. The comedian was Carl Rimi and, again, I didn’t get it. His character is the cool-tough guy, swaggering around stage. If he had any prepared material, we didn’t hear it. His whole act consisted of standing up there and heckling the crowd. He kept saying that he was tired from a long day of travel and that he would tell jokes tomorrow. We’ll see, I guess, but tonight I was not impressed.  

mirror pic

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