Day 1 – Saturday

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Travel day. And quite a long one at that. We left home around 1030 and flew out of Atlanta around 1445 after a bit of a delay due to a cargo weight computer malfunctioning. We did not find out until we got to the airport that we actually had a 2 hour layover in San Fran (we were told it was a nonstop flight when we booked it and our tickets said nothing at all about a stop). It’s not that I mind layovers, I just don’t like surprise layovers. In any case, the first leg of the flight was unexciting. We watched Fantastic Four and got a couple of small snacks. We got to San Fran and sat around for a couple of hours before re-boarding and departing at 1810(lt). We were probably about an hour into Batman Begins on the second leg of the flight when one of the flight attendants came on the speaker to ask rather urgently whether there were any doctors aboard and, if so, to please hurry to the front cabin. A few minutes later, she came back on to ask for any IV nurses on board. And a while after that, another announcement for anyone who might happen to have some prescription drug in their carry-on luggage. Once we landed in Honolulu, the paramedics were waiting to come on board and take two passengers off. It was pretty interesting. You see movies where they ask if there are any doctors in the house and you think, when does anyone ever say that? Well, it turns out that it actually does happen. There were a couple men that rushed forward from our seating area when the first announcement was made. I’m not sure what kind of doctors they were. I thought it was a shame that the couple seated in front of us on the first leg had gotten off in San Fran because I had heard him talking about getting paged by the ER and they were supposed to be calling his backup doctor. Anyhow, by the time we got off the plane, it was close to 2100(lt). The airport was unusual because it was all open air corridors, not a closed building. And it wasn’t like you see on TV at all – I didn’t see a single young Hawaiian girl giving out leis and alohas. We got our baggage and got the shuttle to our hotel and immediately went to bed at about 2130.