Day 1 – Thursday

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Long day. We got up at 04:00 eastern time, took a last look around the house to make sure we had packed everything we needed and that everything was shut off that needed to be. We headed over to Beth’s and she was kind enough to drive us down to the MARTA station so that we didn’t have to pay for parking. I think we both slept most of the way to Salt Lake City where we had a 1.5 hour layover. We stayed awake for the flight to AK. We flew over Mt Ranier and Mt St Helens and some huge glaciers when we got closer to AK. Great time to have window seats. We landed in Anchorage about 14:30 local time (18:30 eastern) and picked up our Ford Freestar. It was a pretty easy afternoon, we basically drove around Anchorage to see what all was there. We stopped at WalMart to get some final camping and food supplies. The length of the day started hitting us around 19:30 so we pulled over in an abandoned Sam’s parking lot (which was nothing more than a huge campground) and started setting up our accommodations. The Freestar has that nifty rear seat which folds down into a compartment to go completely flat. We pulled out the middle seats and set them up on their sides against the back of the front seats and stacked our luggage on them. We then filled our full-size air mattress, which fit perfectly, and laid out our queen-size sleeping bag and pillows. Voila, instant travel-bed. We hung our little fan over our heads and opened the rear vent windows (I guess they spray for mosquitos in the city). Oh, during all this setup, we also affixed our “just married” signs with which Rach decorated our Xterra. We were all set to go and were probably asleep by 20:00. I wrapped my blankie around my head to block the sun from my eyes, but I was surprised by how little the sun bothered me. I guess I was pretty darned tired.