Cummings, GA and Wedowee, AL

We actually left 20 minutes earlier than planned this fine Saturday morning. I think that’s the first time that we were ever early leaving out of Orlando for a trip. There was still plenty of holiday traffic out so it ended up taking about an extra hour to get up above Atlanta. We stopped there to visit with Randal’s friends Beth and Jeremy (& family). It was a very nice visit. We then drove on to Wedowee. Since Randal never called his mom to let her know we were coming in that night, we got there after midnight to find all of the beds full. Teresa and Anna Grace were down for a visit as well. Sunday morning we spent some time with my horsies and Sunday afternoon was a large family dinner at Grandma Moore’s. They have a Thanksgiving tradition of having the big gathering the Sunday after. We visited with Grandma Holloway some too. Brenda bought her a tv/vcr that we all took over to her and she looked like she cheered up pretty good. Kept saying that she couldn’t think of anything in the world that she would have liked any better. It was very good to see her like that. Especially since we are still getting reports of her being in poor shape. Monday morning was the big departure day.