Day 2

This morning we woke up and went after some cereal bars and milk and we were on our way. We headed across Missouri to Kansas City where we crossed into Kansas so that I could say I’ve been there (and get a picture of the sign). We then went up into Iowa, which I might say is a very desolate drive. Don’t even try to find a McDonald’s along that road. Since the highway insisted on hugging the border of Nebraska the whole way up without actually crossing it, we had to cross into Omaha in order for me to get that state under my belt. There was a very interesting looking dome there that housed the Omaha zoo. Perhaps we will make it back there sometime to see it. We found a Walmart to stock up on supplies in Sioux Falls, SD and as we came out of the store there was snow falling all around us. Very exciting. I figured we would surely have to get much further northwest before we would see any of that.