Sea Island, Georgia

We left Orlando sometime after lunch on our way to Sea Island, GA. This trip came up at the last minute, as we weren’t actually supposed to leave until Sunday. But we crashed into the GILA (Georgia Industrial Loan Association) Convention. It was held at The Cloister. Talk about swanky. You just wouldn’t even believe it. A basic hotel room with two double beds starts at $506 a night. We had a vendor friend who runs the covention circuit with us and his reservation got messed up. When he complained to the front desk about it, they told him the hotel was full so they would have to put him in the lodge for the night. He was astonished to walk in and be appointed his own butler! The butler ironed all of his clothes for him, drew his girlfriend a rose-petal bath, and did whatever buttling was to be done. When he was checking out, he asked the butler how much that room usually was — $1500 a night!