Carnival Miracle Day 3 – At Sea

I love having such a perfectly dark room! I truly wish I could get my bedroom at home to be so dark. And since we’re all the way at the end of the ship/hall, there’s no noise from people passing by. It’s so much easier to sleep without so much disruption.

This morning, the group actually made plans to meet up at the gym at 09:00 so we got a decent workout in early. Hubby and I did weights and then we each finished with 2000m on the rowing machine. We then hit the breakfast buffet as a group but when the others made their way out to the sun decks to soak up some rays for the afternoon, hubby and I chose to go back to the comfort of our room and rest for the afternoon… we didn’t even make it out for lunch.

After dinner, we chose to go to the Phantom Theatre to see the main show – a comedic juggler by the name of Marcus Monroe. I’d like to say that I’m just a bit jaded because when we saw Sharkbait on our NCL cruise, they were just incredible so our bar is very high. They call Mr Monroe the rock star of juggling but, for us, it was just a painful hour of our lives we won’t get back. His juggling was good and entertaining but his jokes were not and the pacing of his show was slow and boring.

We left there and met back up with the group for another AO comedy show by Eddie Capone. We had told our friends our impression of him from last night but I have to give credit where due… this show was much, much better. He had more prepared material and I laughed a good bit. We then wandered around the ship until we ended up back in the dance club which was, once again, dead. We left our friends in there and went back for Mr Capone’s second AO show of the night since he had so vastly redeemed himself. Sadly, the second show was more like last night’s than the one earlier tonight and we were, once again, left disappointed.

It’s also worth mentioning that the comedy host, who I think is also the assistant cruise director, is completely obnoxious and takes entirely too long to disperse the necessary information before each show. *Chaka khan*

towel animal du jour: brontosaurus!