Carnival Miracle Day 5 – St Lucia

Today was the day I was super excited about. After an early breakfast with the group, we were off the ship at 09:00


bird in a tree

hubby, master, sylvis, and peach getting ready to dive

tiger and quartz soaking up rays

and caught a small boat to the Ti Kaye Resort where we had arranged to go diving out of the Island Divers shop. Seeing as how we’ve only been certified for three weeks and have been awfully busy with getting ready for this stalking, this was our first REAL dive. We made a gear and wet suit stop at the shop and then headed out on a boat to the Petons.

colorful reef

so pretty

hey, that's me!

hello there!

fish in a bowl


look at that wild hair!

what hair?

there is no fish

the gang

Our first dive was a site called Superman’s Flight because the mountains were in a flying shot in one of the Superman movies and also because it is a drift site where the boat drops you and the drift takes you to the other end where the boat picks you back up. Effortless as far as swimming. The water was beautiful… 82 degrees and super clear. We got down to seventy feet and I looked up and felt like I could reach out and touch the surface. The reef was among the best we’ve seen.

st lucia sea/landscape

hubby and i survived our first real dive!

st lucian civilization

Our second dive was a site called the Devil’s Hole. It was more shallow, about forty-five feet, and generally not as nice as the first but I still had a great time and saw a few eels. Sadly, the batteries died in my camera and I was not able to get many pictures.

me and sylvis being bobbers

feather duster in a bowl

The coral reminded me of the old cartoon land of the Snorks.

anyone remember "the snorks" cartoon?

But I did get some very jerky video of us, eels, and trunkfish.

I did discover that, despite being told that a shortie wetsuit was a good idea for a tropical dive, it’s really just too danged hot. My thin skin suit would have been more than adequate. After our dives, the boat brought us back to the resort where they had facilities to rinse out and dry all of our gear and we were served a nice lunch at the restaurant.

lovely lunch location

hubby, quartz, tiger, sylvis, peach post diving

sylvis and peach


Unfortunately, as we were eating and our gear drying, the sky opened up and drenched everything so our stuff was much heavier when the boat was finally able to take us back to the ship.

Ti Kaye Resort - St Lucia

leaving Ti Kaye Resort

On the bright side, we have a HUGE cabin with a GINORMOUS shower so we were able to hang everything to dry in there. I doubt it will be dry in time for tomorrow’s diving adventures but it should be less saturated. Due to the aforementioned delays, we made it back to the ship with under an hour to spare and by the time we got everything hung up, St Lucia was in the rear view mirror. It turned out to be an early night after a little post-dinner wandering.

towel animal du jour: sitting bulldog