cruisin’ day 2

this morning we had breakfast in the dining room with a young couple from pensacola who are moving to japan next week. we spent the rest of the morning back in our room relaxing and watching movies. we emerged for a late lunch and a round or two of putt-putt. it was an interesting day for golf since the ship was rocking quite a bit and the wind was blowing fiercely so the balls kept rolling around when we were trying to swing at them. needless to say, i won! (my blog, my version!!!)

heading into a storm

anchors aweigh!

after our cut-throat putt-putt match, we found a couple of lounge chairs by the pool and people-watched a bit. anastasia, the siberian girl from the dining room line last night, sat next to us and we had a great conversation. i am very impressed that she is traveling alone so far from home. she is my age but i would be far too chicken for that. we got so wrapped up in talking to her and comparing cultures that we barely had time to get ready for formal night and ended up being late to the captain’s reception (truly a shame to be late to those). we then stopped at a couple of portrait stations to get some formal pix taken on our way to the dining room where the maître d’ graciously accommodated our request for a new table on the opposite side of the dining room from the loud, obnoxious chick. we are now sitting with an older couple, burrell and linda from tx, and a couple around hubby’s age, suzanne and charles from al. there was good conversation and good food and we couldn’t even hear loud, obnoxious chick. when we left the dining room, we got changed into more comfortable clothes and went to walk around the promenade deck. we ran into anastasia in the disco and danced a bit before heading to the xtreme country show. it was a decent show but not my favorite. although i think hubby enjoyed the skimpy costuming. we finished up the night with the adult comedy show (same guy as last night) which we managed to get front row seats for and it was freakin’ hilarious.

towel animal du jour: elephant!