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six month summary

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i think it’s pretty clear that i’m never going to get caught up on this blog so i might as well just do a short compendium of what i’ve been up to the last six months and go from there.  maybe, just maybe, i can get back into this.  so, here’s what’s been going on:

  • in the eleven holiday seasons i have spent with my hubby, 2009 was the first time we spent Christmas with my family.  it was a lot of fun and i’m so glad we did it.  not that i don’t love my in-laws but it was a nice change to spend such a special time with mine.
  • we also threw our first real party – a new year’s eve party (hmm, i thought i had posted pix on fb but apparently not).  it was wildly successful and everyone had a blast.  there was tons of food, rock band, and a cheesy prom-style photo booth.  it was great and i look forward to trying again next year. 
  • hubby ran his first full marathonat disney.  it was a fun and full weekend.  we went with a bunch of friends from around home and stayed at a super nice hotel together.  we watched my cousin and a several friends run the half marathon in the snow, sleet, and rain.  yep, snow in orlando.  second time in my life i’ve seen that.  the next day, hubby and a bunch of friends ran the full marathon.  he hated it when he finished but i think he’ll do it again. 
  • i spent many, many long weeks training for my first half marathon, which is about the only thing that actually has been posted here in the last six months. 
  • after years of planning, we finally hiked the grand canyon!  it was such an amazing experience and i was incredibly proud of myself at the end of it.  way more of an accomplishment than the half marathon. 
  • we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary with a day of boating and relaxing.  i love my husband.
  • i have become a true surf-widow.  if there’s the slightest hint of surf when the work day is done, hubby is out the door.  i might need to give it a try sometime this summer.
  • we have spent countless weekends and nights having great times with our fabulous friends.  this is by far the best place we have lived!