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blessings upon blessings

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the turkey is doing really well with reading and he’s starting to grasp really important math concepts. he overwhelms me with his effervescent joy. an infectious light just shines from him. don’t get me wrong; he’s no angel. we still have lots of attitude regarding sharing and brother getting attention but, the majority of the time, he’s just full of joy. his laugh is the sound that i imagine fills heaven.

the sequel is able to jump both feet off the floor and hold his own weight while swinging.  he is insanely affectionate. he’s got three teeth coming in right now so he’s crankier than normal but he also wants extra snuggles when he wakes up and it’s just so sweet. he scoops up both his lovies, his blanky, and his glow-friend (emptying the bed) and hops into my arms. when i ask him if he is ready to get up yet, he says “no. i snuggling.” and his voice just kills me.

i am constantly amazed at the blessings the Lord gives me.


dried up

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the sequel is officially weaned. it’s very sad but it was time. he didn’t even notice the first couple nights. and then he woke up one morning, snuggled up to me, and asked for milk. i think it was just a comfort measure because he was sick. i will miss this phase of motherhood tremendously!