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while practicing waving tonight, the sequel said “bye-bye” plain as day. and then, of course, he continued to say it for the next hour. i was just remarking yesterday that he had kind of stopped jabbering these last few weeks. he growls and screeches plenty but it’s been a while since he’s done any real “da-da” or anything like that. so to hear him pop up with a real word, in context, today was a happy thing. and, really, i do consider it to be his first word. he’s made sounds before (ma-ma, ga-ga, da-da) but nothing that was really in context of a word.


gratitude and attitude

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the turkey made my day at dinner when i gave him his “salad” (spinach/okra puree) and he said “this is so good. thank you, mommy, for making me a salad!”

and then there was the bedtime debacle where he wouldn’t settle down and i ended up taking both lovies away but then hubby made me feel bad so i went in and laid with him (like it wasn’t already tugging my heartstrings to hear him shouting “momma, come snuggle with me!”). i spent an hour snuggling him. he finally fell asleep but as soon as i started to get up, he croaked out a measly “don’t leave me, momma.” i laid down for another two songs, got up, and he must have woken up as soon as i left the room because suddenly he was having a total meltdown. mind, it’s now 21:00 and i’ve been in there and hour so i’m ticked that he’s not sleeping and that he’s crying and pitching a fit when he’s been such a good solo sleep all his life. i tried to sooth him and then i threatened to spank and then i had to deliver. now i’m just fuming at always having to be the bad guy and all i want to do is go back in there and snuggle my baby boy for the rest of the night because i know there’ll come a day when he won’t ask that anymore. i try my best not to be crazy stringent about schedule and rules but i don’t want him to be dependent on us to go to sleep either. when we wake him up in the morning or from nap, we always snuggle and that’s great but the snuggling to sleep thing is a very different thing. *sigh*