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even though the sequel has grown steadily, he’s never actually had what i consider to be a true growth spurt. the turkey went through several periods where he would cluster-feed for a day or two and then his clothes didn’t fit anymore. the sequel has just had slow, steady, quiet growth. last night, he started his first cluster-feeding frenzy with two middle of the night feedings and he’s been starving to death every three hours all day today. i expect him to be two inches taller tomorrow!


God loves everyone

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When I get the turkey out of his Sunday school class, the teacher usually tells me what the lesson was this week. This morning, with tears in her eyes, she told me that the lesson was “God loves everyone.”  She said there was one boy who said “God doesn’t love me.” But my boy told him “yes God loves you and he loves me too!” 

Sometimes I think we can’t be messing up too badly.