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and not to be forgotten

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the sequel is making his own strides. he loves to sing and dance. he will try saying almost anything. he likes to count to three and say ABEs. he is incredibly affectionate with stuffies and with us. but he also has a horrible temper and runs from me all the time. i’m not sure how to break that one but “come here” definitely does not produce the desired results right now. he does not like to be left at the church nursery and cries as soon as i put him down. sometimes they have to take him to brother’s class to get him to calm down. i have been working on his birth book (yeh, about time right?) and it’s killing me how fast he has grown. i can’t believe my itty bitty is a toddler already.


passing grades

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the turkey has had an educational resurgence here lately. he’s reading simple books, drawing shapes, writing letters (he wrote his name all on his own today!), and drawing stick people. he’s even dabbling in reading a clock and counting money. i’m so stinking proud of that boy! and the crowning moment of the week? one of the snowbirds has grandchildren visiting this week so she brought her granddaughter over for a play date this morning. while they were playing kitchen, the turkey made her stop to say a prayer before sitting down to “eat”. we can’t be messing up too badly, right?