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the start of the catch up…

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so after all of my recent posts about PRing on the bridge, i had wanted to post this article.  this incident happened around the same time i was celebrating my bridge victories.

A runner hit by a utility trailer tire on the Hathaway Bridge on Wednesday is still in the intensive care unit at Gulf Coast Medical Center following surgery for an epidural hematoma.

Kaitlyn Livings Beckham, 18, of Panama City Beach, was hit with the tire after it “rolled and/or bounced” over the 3-foot retainer wall between the traffic and pedestrian lanes of the bridge shortly before 4 p.m.,

those who have come and run the bridge with me can probably appreciate what a freak accident this was.  i’ve been running that bridge for 22 months and have never felt unsafe.  sure it’s close to traffic but there is a sizable shoulder and a retaining wall, making it far safer to jog along than any of the other roadways around here.  this poor girl was totally caught up in wrong place/wrong time.  for a tire to fly off a vehicle in the right direction and in such a way to be projected over that wall AND a person to happen to be in that location… wow.  happily, i have heard that she is recovering but i felt so bad for this poor girl.  running:  hazardous to your health!  😉