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buttoned up

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i’ve been trying to teach the turkey buttons for a while now but he hasn’t had the inclination. yesterday, over the weekend, the sequel was playing with daddy’s buttons while brushing teeth and he totally figured it out. that got big brother interested so, yesterday, we got out the button straps that i had made for the busy board that i never assembled and they both worked on them on and off all day. the turkey finally figured it out. this morning, both boys wanted to wear button shirts. the sequel lost interest after the first one but the turkey managed to button the entire shirt by himself! after bathing in watermelon juice this afternoon, he also unbuttoned the whole thing on his own.

in other news, they had their best bike ride ever today. they did about two miles and they both pedaled hard enough to make momma jog the whole time! the sequel asked to take the training wheels off but i told him we’d make daddy cry if we did it while he’s out of town.


unfettered slumber

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for months, the turkey has been keeping his pull-ups dry through the night. we’ve told him that he’s ready to ditch them but he hasn’t had the confidence… until last night. my precious boy is now wearing und!3s around the clock!


the next phase

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two weeks ago, my little baby woke up and declared that he wasn’t going to wear diapers anymore. i tried to talk him out of it. it was monday morning and we were going to be starting a long roadtrip wednesday… the timing, dude! but he was not to be dissuaded. he donned his big boy underpants and hasn’t looked back. we traveled to orlando, spent days at disney, traveled to alabama, and traveled back home. in two weeks, he has had three accidents – all wets. he is totally rocking this! i’ve cancelled our diaper subscription and increased my laundry frequency. my little itty-bitty baby is now a big boy and it breaks my heart but i’m so proud of him.