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under where?

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the turkey got up with a burning desire to wear big boy pants today. not only did he wear them without any accidents while playing around the house, but we also spent most of the morning volunteering at the church and he used the potty and had no problems. i was so proud of him!

the sequel is all over the place. he’s running and climbing and loves picking up big and/or heavy things and carrying them around. he’s a hoot. his third tooth (top right) broke through this week with the fourth right behind it so he’s been full of the grumps. which i’m afraid isn’t the whole reason for his insane temper. oh. em. gee. that boy throws a full-on tantrum at the drop of a hat. he will growl-scream, sit down hard, and start kicking and punching he floor. it’s hilarious in a good-gravy-we-are-in-for-it kind of way.


br3@$t is best!

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the sequel was born with blocked tear ducts. the right eye healed on its own around four months old but the left eye remained a gooey mess. it would clear up with ointment but then start again as soon as treatment stopped. i massaged the duct five times a day for months and months to no avail. the poor little thing spent half his days with his eye glued shut or weeping yucky goo. last month, a friend suggest i use my milk. um? ewwww! but i looked it up online and found a very large community of mothers touting this natural remedy. i remained skeptical but since we’d already tried everything and the dr was saying that surgical intervention might be necessary if it wasn’t going away on its own by his birthday… well, i was willing to try anything. for two weeks, much to his chagrin, i gave him a few “eye drops” every time i nursed him. i was astounded to see it clear up within just a few days. after the two weeks, i kept expecting it to clog up again but it never did. amazing! so i started using it on everything. why use eczema cream when i can just rub some milk on your skin? the turkey fell and scraped his knee? here, let me help you with that!

seriously, this stuff is a magical wonder healer!!!