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3 years

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i don’t know how three years have already flown by. it’s been an amazing journey and has taught me so much about God’s love for us. i am so honored that i was chosen to be the turkey’s mom. he’s a very special little boy and i couldn’t be more proud of him.

at three years old, the turkey is fully conversational. he can read about 100 sight words and can sound out even four-syllable phonetic words. his favorite books are his assortment of children’s bibles. he can count to one hundred singly or by tens. he can count to ten in french and german. he can count to twenty in spanish. he knows the alphabet in french and spanish. he’s learning more and more spansish daily, including all of the colors and many animals. he can do simple addition and subtraction. he loves singing and can sing the fifty states. he is a wonderful, loving big brother and is caring and compassionate to everyone. he is joyful and spreads smiles wherever he goes.

this morning, i asked him if he felt older. his response: “a little, mommy. <raising arm> do you see a hair?” i nearly fell on the floor laughing.