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baby’s first bridge run

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for the turkey’s one week birthday and daddy’s birthday, we did our first family bridge run. the turkey even got dressed in a tank top for the occasion.

the family that runs together...

daddy did the full run while me and baby walked to the top of the bridge and back. we got approximately two miles in and baby finished just ahead of me 🙂

made it to the top


1 week old

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okay, technically only six days since i got too excited and took the pic a day early.  it still counts.  i still can’t believe he fit in that belly!

27 Aug 2014

one of his favorite things is cuddle time with his daddy.

daddy waited 9 months for this bonding time


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my husband has been fantastic.  he was a super supportive partner throughout the pregnancy and has been a devoted father since the turkey’s birth.  the one thing that he always maintained that he just wouldn’t do was to change diapers.  of course, i repeatedly told him that he was downright delusional.  as the pregnancy progressed, i heard him change his story to people, saying that he would change wet diapers but not poops.  naturally, he ate crow on all of this right off the bat since i had limited mobility the first day in the hospital and he had to take care of our son’s needs.  when we got home, he gagged over the first few post-meconium diapers but he soldiered on.. for the most part.  this afternoon, i overheard him talking to the turkey while changing one of the stinky ones.  he told him how much he loves him but that he’s not changing those diapers because he loves him.. he’s changing them because he loves momma and is amazed at all that she does to take care of him.  it brought tears to my eyes.  my husband, whom i admire so much, was telling our son how lucky he was to have a mother who sacrifices her nights and days to make sure that he is fed and changed and soothed and rested.  i couldn’t possibly have a better parenting partner.

in other news, today was also the turkey’s first bath (at home) before his first appointment at the pediatrician’s office.

ready for my first sponge bath at home

for his five-day checkup, he got a clean bill of health… the dr was pleased with all his wet diapers (he even wet the exam table before the dr came in) and he was impressed that he was almost back to his birth weight already.  it can take up to two weeks for a baby to regain the weight they lose after birth… our turkey weighed 7lbs 9oz at birth, had lost back to 7lbs even when we left the hospital (two days), and is back up to 7lbs 8.5oz now.  what can i say?  he’s a really good nurser!  he still measures 19.5 inches today.  i actually would have been surprised if they said his length had increased but they said it does happen.  the dr didn’t seem concerned about the umbilical cord falling off prematurely yesterday and said everything seemed to be healing as it should.  we went from the dr to the dept of health to pick up his birth certificate and we got to try our first public nursing.  i sat in the backseat and nursed while hubby was inside getting the cert.  mostly everything worked out well but i think the nursing cover was a little warm on him.  it was harder than usual to keep him awake and alert through the feeding.  I’m not sure whether it is better to sit in the car with a/c or to try to find a place to sit outside where there’s some actual moving air.  since it was his first time with the cover, though, i thought he did well.  i would imagine it will take getting used to and learning to adjust temp is just part of that.

other milestones of note:  he’s been smiling since day 2 and yesterday he started doing big belly laughs in his sleep.  i don’t know what babies dream about but his must be pretty happy ones 🙂

we had all kinds of family here over the weekend to meet the little guy.  my sissy made it here in time to help with the labor and delivery.  my dad got here his first night.  hubby’s parents and siblings arrived late saturday night, after we had gotten home from the hospital.  my sissy was a huge help around the house and the grandparents all enjoyed their time with the newest grandchild.  everybody left this morning so we’re officially on our own now.


we are family


happy birth day to you!

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my son decided to make his grand debut today.  he was born at 10:50 this morning and was 19.5 inches, 7 lbs 9.2 oz.  he and i are both healthy and happy.  birth story to come later…

our first meeting

"give me my mommy back!"

first family pic

contemplating this life



bubbling over

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I’ve gone through this entire pregnancy with very little emotional turmoil.  i don’t think I’ve had a single “mood swing”.  I’ve never bitten my husband’s head off.  i had a few days of irrational depression when i failed my first glucose test but that’s pretty much been it.  yesterday, for whatever reason, was a very sobby day for me.  i cried before and after church when we were approached by two different people asking about bringing us meals after the baby is born.  seriously, i am just completely and totally overwhelmed by all of the generosity we’ve received.  we’re so not deserving of it all.  i cried during church while listening to the message.  i cried in the car while listening to a song.  i cried last night when hubby and i were watching our son’s limbs poking out all over my belly and i realized we’ll never, ever be this close again.  i was just an emotional mess all day.

in other news, the stripping of the membranes, as far as i can tell, did nothing more than put a stop to everything.  i actually got a little worried Saturday because our very active boy was suddenly quite sedentary for most of the day and I thought it might have affected him somehow.  i was happy when he started jumping around again Saturday night.  also, i completely stopped having contractions over the weekend.  none of the menstrual crampy ones, none of the lightheaded-tightening ones.  up until the appointment Friday, the latter were constant and the former were getting more frequent.  after the appointment… nothing.  very strange to me.  but they’ve started back today so i guess that’s good.  he’s still clinging to the ribcage though so he’s not going anywhere soon.


39 weeks

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15 Aug 2014

today was the first time I’ve been displeased with my dr.  generally, I really like him.  he’s got a great bedside manner, is very patient with questions, and was just all around wonderful with all of the fertility drama.  today, however, he took it upon himself to strip my membranes without asking first.  i would have declined such an offer.  especially since we had just had the conversation about how i have no interest whatsoever in inducing labor (unless it becomes medically necessary, of course).  i just didn’t understand what was going through his head and there was no reason for it.  I’m not even due for another week.  he seems sure that i’ll go into labor this weekend now.  i have no such confidence and, frankly, if it’s because of artificial stimulation i really hope not.  i just don’t think that’s really healthy.  and next week i will definitely make sure to state ahead of time that i do not want my membranes stripped.

anyhow, petty venting aside… today’s visit was all good.  138 heart rate, 2cm, 95% effaced, -1 station.  so no real progress other than another cm of dilation but we’re still healthy and nothing else matters to me.


round is a shape

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it’s funny that i’ll probably end up in better shape after this pregnancy than i was before.  the pregnancy started with months of sloth due to vacations and holidays and a general affinity for couch-potatoism.  as soon as i saw that positive, however, i immediately started dragging myself out and into a routine.  for about five months, i walked about twenty miles a week.  then there were 6-8 weeks of crazy travel and sickness and the sloth crept back in for a while but the last couple of months I’ve been good about getting back at it.  I’ve been doing an hour on the elliptical 3-4 days a week plus the bridge run (walk) most weeks.  i never thought i could be this close to the end of my pregnancy and still be this active.  and really, after a lifetime of natural sloth and lethargy, who would have thought i would even find the motivation for it?  i guess this kid is already working on making me a better person because all I’ve wanted to do is keep him as healthy as i possibly can.  if that means i have to get out and work up a sweat when i really would rather eat Cheetos and take a nap… i won’t even give it a second thought.

multi-tasking - elliptical, Netflix, and talking to my daddy on the phone




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probably tmi but, really, there’s no modesty/shame when you’re pregnant.  lost the mucous plug last night.  the significance of this seems to be practically nil.  theoretically, it should indicate that dilation is progressing but as far as the onset of labor… could be hours, days, or weeks.  what a useless sign.  however, progress is progress and since I’m still feeling good and not screaming to GET THEE OUT OF ME, I’m not rushing him in any way.  the turkey has been very subdued the last couple of days.  still moving plenty but the movements are (mostly) more gentle and subtle.


38 weeks

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8 Aug 2014

nothing much new in today’s dr visit… still 1 cm, 95% effaced, -1 station.  heart rate 137.  the nurse seemed to be less experienced with the Doppler and the fundal measurements than the other nurse that’s been taking care of us.  she had a heck of a time finding the heartbeat, whereas the other nurse goes straight to it every time.  she was way short on the fundal measurement which caused the dr to come in congratulating us on dropping… uh, nope, no dropping here.  he re-measured and declared us right where we were.  I did tell him that I’ve been having an increase in Braxton hicks contractions which he seemed excited about.  the ones that I almost can’t feel that tighten my entire belly and leave me short of breath and lightheaded are almost constant now.  it doesn’t matter how much water I drink or if I’m laying on my side or doing the elliptical, they are always there.  within the last few days, I’ve started having more menstrual crampy contractions.  the first few days they were pretty light and the last couple of days, I could definitely feel them but they’re also very sporadic.  anyhow, more wait and see.  there’s nothing really to indicate that he’s not going to hang in there until the due date and, thankfully, I’m still feeling good enough that I’m perfectly happy with that.  I’m not waddling yet, you can clearly tell the difference between my ankles and my calves, I’m still able to do an hour at a time on the elliptical… I’m doing pretty darned good for an 8.5+ months pregnant woman 🙂  the acid reflux and carpal tunnel are not fun but I never expected it to all be sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns.


soaking up the last of the adult time

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unfortunately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of free-time lately with both of us having to work crazy long hours to get ready for taking time off, not to mention having to get things ready around the house for baby’s homecoming… but we’re trying to enjoy all of the last moments of DINKhood when we can. wednesday evening, we helped mellow break down the running store so that he could move to another location. it was work but it was also time with a friend. we followed it up with a quickie “date” at five guys. last night, we dropped in on sunny (scooter was supposed to be on his way home but after an hour or so visiting with her, he was still a no-show). we had a good visit though, just chatting about random stuff. today, hubby spent the day helping mellow move in to the new store location while i stayed home making cards. mid-afternoon, chef texted with a suggestion of dinner and CAH. they got here just a little after hubby had gotten home and we walked to a newer restaurant a few doors down. it was a great meal, on the beach, with great friends. we walked home on the beach, enjoying the not-so-sunset and then spent a couple hours laughing and enjoying game-night. you never know; it might be the last time we’re able to have friends over for an evening without a crying baby breaking up the mood 🙂 fortunately, chef and trainwreck will probably be bringing their new grandbaby along with them next year. i wish we had time for more “date nights” or a quick last minute getaway weekend together but at least we’re able to squeeze in some adult fun here and there.

it sure looks like i need help holding up all that belly!


37 weeks

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1 Aug 2014

today’s dr visit was more of the same.  heart rate around 140.  fundal measurement on track.  1cm dilated; 95% effaced; -1 station.  our dr was much more non-committal about making guesses than the dr last week.  he said that he’s seen women who get to 100% and immediately start dilating and he’s seen women who walk around at 100% for weeks without further progress.  he said a lot of it depends on if the baby drops more.  if he drops down below the pelvic bone, the weight on the thinned out cervix would start dilation.  it’s all just wait and see.  his only comment on the matter was on his way out of the office when he said he’ll see us next Friday, if not sooner 🙂

pregnancy is still good.  the belly button would probably be a total outie if if weren’t for the laparoscopy scar holding the bottom half in.  still have achy thumbs but I’ve gotten used to it.  I’ve been needing more back-rubs the last few days.  the acid reflux is back with a fiery vengeance after finishing the 14 day course of Prilosec – i guess it’s only a miracle cure while you’re actually taking it.  if that’s all i have to complain about, i figure I’ve got it made.  but still, as far as the minor annoyances of pregnancy, I’d call that the biggie.  i would definitely rank it way worse than the nausea at the beginning (if i had actually been vomiting, I’m sure it would be a different story).

taken at the dr office today... calm is my mantra