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Tears of pride

   Posted by: arcanai    in the turkey

I think one of the most emotional experiences of motherhood has to be when people come up to me to tell me how awesome my kid is.   When a stranger is so affected by my child that they have to seek more out and tell me about it…. my heart bursts with pride and it spills out of my eyes every time. I love that this is not an infrequent occurrence. This morning, someone from church sought me out to tell me about an incident last week in the children’s ministry.  Apparently, all the kiddos were doing fine until one boy got dropped off and went straight into a crying fit.  This made another girl start crying and my turkey got very anxious about all the crying so he took his goldfish and started giving them to the other kids to try to calm them down.  The compassion of a fifteen month old can be astounding.