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taking the plunge

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I signed up today to get baptized and I’m super excited.  I grew up in the church but I never saw it lived at home so I rejected organized religion and rebelled against faith in general.  It took me 32 years but I finally understand what it is to believe in something and have it change you.  God has been working His changes in me slowly for the last few years through my oldest nephew.  I don’t even think that I realized it was happening until our trip to Israel.  It was a huge surprise to me.  I only really wanted to go because it was so important to hubby (and because I’m all about seeing new places).  I figured it would be a neat place with pretty churches and lots of history.  It was all of that but what I didn’t expect was to leave there with a yearning in my heart for God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and a desire to learn how to build a personal relationship with Him.  Next month, my sins will be washed away and I’ll be a new me!


hope for the next generation

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We got to Orlando only to discover that this is the week the kids go to Student Life camp so we wouldn’t be seeing much of them.  This is the first year that all three have gone since it’s middle/high schoolers only.  They spend the week in the dorms at Stetson and have bible studies and prayer groups and play games and all that jazz.  The parents are allowed to join for the nightly big worship event so, last night, we piled in the van with my sissy, bro-n-law, and a couple of their friends and we headed to Deland to see the kiddos and check out the night of worship.

What an awesome sight it was!  The auditorium was packed with kids from different churches all over the state who all burned with passion for their faith.  The worship band Bellarive is there with them for the week, playing for all of the big group events.  My kids are in love with this band, partly because they’re great (I agree), but also because they’re from Orlando and actually started out at their former church.  For every song they played, hundreds of kids sang along with arms up high and pure joy in their faces.  It was incredible.  All I could do was marvel at it since it was so far from where I was at their ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and it gave me great hope for the future.


eskimo kisses

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I surprised my daddy by showing up on his doorstep for father’s day when he thought I was far away at home.  It’s important to embrace the time we have together while it lasts.  We never know when it’ll be too late to show someone how much we love them.


on the verge of a breakdown

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I finally broke down and confided in a friend about trying to get pregnant.  I mostly did it because we spend a lot of time with them and she had started to notice that I was acting differently but also because I know that she went through two years of trying, unsuccessfully, and I know she will be a source of support without judgment.  her and her husband went through two years of fertility treatments before deciding that they were done.  hubby and I had decided that we were going to try for six months before resorting to a fertility dr.  this is our third month and I think I might be ready to talk to someone.  the dr that my friend says is the best in fl is listed as an ob/gyn and endocrinologist.  i’m not really worried about fertility right now but I really think I need an endo and it just makes sense to see someone who is “fluent in both languages”.  these hot flashes are just killing me and it can’t be helping things any.  I started trying to track my basal temperature but even that is hard to do since you’re supposed to take your temperature at the same time every day and it’s supposed to be straight out of a three hour sleep.  my insomnia doesn’t allow for three hours of sleep these days so I’ve just been sticking to the same time.  I’ve been asleep at that time once.  so, this month I’ve been making a conscientious effort to keep stress-free, keep my exercise level moderate, and eat and drink the things that I should.  if i’m not knocked up at the end of the month, I think i’m going to make an appointment to see this guy and see if he can tell what’s going on with my hormones.  heck, for all I know, whatever is causing these hot flashes could be preventing me from being fertile.