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the sequel amuses me to no end with what comes out of his mouth. for halloween, i told him as we walked up to each house to say “trick or treat”. i finally got him to say it but he wouldn’t give up his own tagline: “trick or treat i want some!” (one run-on sentence). i couldn’t help laugh even though it came off rather rude. he did at least say “thank you” of his own accord.

for weeks, he’s been on a “you make me feel sad” kick. i’m not even sure where he got this from but the really funny part is his use… he says it when i get onto him to do something like eat or drink or brush his teeth.

his answer to every “why?” is “because i like it.” why did you take your shoes off? because i like it. why is your shirt wet? because i like it. why is there food in your ear? because i like it. it’s the end-all answer.

of course, “all by myself” and “i’m big boy” or “i’m a big man” are hugely popular as well. he is stubbornly independent and over-confident. the turkey has a lot of quit; the sequel doesn’t know the meaning of quit.