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angst for the drama

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does anyone remember teenage years filled with angst and drama?  times when you just knew that your life was crumbling around you but all the adults around you would say that it was nothing and you were just a teenager and it was all just silly, childhood insecurity?  and then, as much as you swore they were wrong, deep down it felt a little better to be reminded that things would be better when you grew up?  but what they never actually told you is that the angst and insecurity and drama doesn’t go away as you grow up?  it’s still there…  the stakes are just a lot higher?  the repercussions and consequences go deeper?   and you just keep wishing that you would grow out of it already?

yeh, me neither…


best memorial day weekend, ever!

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some friends of ours host an annual memorial day weekend party at their sister’s lake house. we went last year and had an awesome time. this year, they totally outdid themselves by booking our favorite atlanta band, the bastard suns. i really don’t know how they can possibly top this one.

we got there early in the afternoon and i immediately joined the floatillion in the water while hubby headed straight to the boat with mello to get the skurfing started.

there was a lot of floating around

when scooter and sunny showed up with the suns, i got out for a while to hang out with sunny on the beach. one of these days we need to figure out how to teach her to swim so she can feel comfortable getting in the water with us.

and hanging out on the "beach"

aside from floating, there were plenty of activities. watersports included the skurfing and wakeboarding on the boat, jet skis, and the extremely popular yolo boards. on the beach there was volleyball, bocce ball, ladder ball, bean bag toss, and horseshoes.

hubby paddling by

it was a terrific day but things definately cranked up after sundown.

when the sun went down, the party got loud

mello and nightingale’s oldest son started out the entertainment with his two-person band, it’s not lupus.

"it's not lupus" was the opening band

everyone brought their chairs and blankets up from the beach to relax and be entertained.

hubby and me, enjoying the show

after it’s not lupus, the bastard suns took the “stage”. we’ve been to many of their shows but it was something special to have hung out with them all day and then have a private show from them. the sound was spectacular, though i’m not sure how much the neighbors around the lake appreciated it. they played at least a dozen songs, including rip which they rarely perform live but they played it in honor of all of the men/women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. they also played every time i drink, another rare live song which i begged them to play at the last show we went to and they promised “next time”. it was such a great show!

our own private concert from "the bastard suns"

best suns show ever!

after the suns played, there was some makeshift karoake including a suns number sung butchered by hubby, clydesdale, and scooter. the suns suffered through it and advised them not to leave their songs to them. the party went on late into the night before air matresses started to get blown up and laid out all over the house. the next morning several people, including our hosts clydesdale and chef, got up at daylight to get in some final skurfing and yolo boarding. after a hearty breakfast, graciously provided by chef and her sis-in-law (the home owner), our hosts conked out from exhaustion and we headed home.


the rest of the pix can be viewed here.

of course, we all know that memorial day is not just about cooking out and having fun. it’s a time to remember all of those who have paid the highest possible price to buy our nation’s freedom and safety. monday morning started with me weeping my way through the film taking chance. if you haven’t seen it, you should. it is beautifully done.