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we will not negotiate with…

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we are eyeball deep in the t3rr0r!st threes. oh. my. goodness. the turkey is seriously breaking me. zero respect. zero obedience. total attitude.

he’s doing hunger strikes… even his favorite foods, he’ll just refuse to eat on the basic principle that i’ve served it to him. of course, we don’t just roll over for that so if he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t get anything else until he does. we’ve gone up to four meals on the same plate of food before he finally decided he was hungry enough to comply. you would think that would be enough to bring him back in line but you’d be so wrong. the next meal, here we go again.

then there’s sleep… we had moved them into the same room a few months ago so that we could have a nice playroom. we quickly discovered that they absolutely could not nap together so the turkey’s been having to do his naps in his tent in the playroom. some days he does alright, a lot of days he just spends the whole time talking or singing at the top of his lungs. nights were going pretty well until recently. either the sequel will be trying to entertain his brother by jumping in his crib which, naturally, gets the turkey jumping too. or the sequel will be trying to settle down and the turkey will goad him until he gets up and starts the party. most nights, the turkey doesn’t fall asleep until almost 21:00 but now the sequel is getting pulled into that sleep deprivation and so we’ve had to start putting the turkey in his tent in the other room at night too. i suspect that we’ll just undo the playroom soon and be done with it but it’s so disappointing. i know that millions of kids around this world share rooms but we just can’t seem to make it work. epic fail on our part.

sharing… ha! our super sweet little boy who loved his baby brother and couldn’t get enough of holding him and playing with him has turned into such an ugly little green-eyed monster. the sequel can’t play with anything without the turkey pitching a fit and trying to grab it from him. it doesn’t even matter whose it is. the turkey can’t have any fun because he’s so worried about what his brother is doing. his frustration has turned to kicking toys or walls, punching furniture, and sometimes trying to strike out at brother himself. i swear, we have tried all of the psychology to get him over his jealousy and get him expressing his feelings in more constructive ways but no luck. we get the same kinds of reactions to basic requests and calls to clean, eat, or sleep.

he is seriously wearing me down. it’s a good thing that we wanted the kids to be close together because if this behavior had started before having the sequel, he’d be an only child for sure. i’m praying that my sweet little boy is still in there somewhere and that we’ll see him again soon. and i’m praying that the sequel goes easier on us because i don’t know if i can go through this again. i am most certainly not mom enough.

i just keep praying and reminding myself… he was a super easy baby… he was a super easy toddler… we had to pay the price somewhere along the way, didn’t we?


poo, yes, no

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the sequel p00ped in the potty for the first time today. obviously, we’re not actually trying to train yet but he thinks it’s fun to sit on the potty like big brother does. he’s such a clever boy!

in other news, we have left the “yeh, yeh, yeh” stage and entered the “no, no, no” stage. it’s so funny when he just starts spouting off with it.

he’s also starting to fight his naps. i guess we’ll be dropping back to one soon.