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we have had some major breakthroughs on the swimming front over the last month. the turkey is now swimming under the water like a little fish. he’s swimming all around the steps and out-and-back between us and the steps for a good 10-15 feet. today, for the first time, he started popping up to take a breath of air in the middle of his swimming. he’ll be going the whole distance before we know it.

the sequel was doing great but has become more cautious in the last few weeks which has led to a bit of a regression. today, however, he grabbed the kickboard and figured out how to balance himself on it and kick around all by himself. he’ll swim between us and the steps up to 5 feet but he’s not as eager about it as he used to be.


girls, girls, girls

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the turkey talks a lot about his future as a family man. he tells us all about his plans of marrying charlotte, how they’re going to have a house far away, how they’ll sleep in the same bedroom, how they’re going to have twenty… yes, TWENTY, “itty-bitties,” how he’s going to talk to her belly and the itty-bitties will kick his face. we think it’s hilarious listening to all of his plans (and hope it’s normal).

today, i asked him if his friend hannah was in sunday school and he proceeded to tell us that she was and that he sat next to her because she’s his 3rd girlfriend. when i inquired about his others, his response was “ms kyla is my oneth girlfriend, my twoth girlfriend is kaitlin, hannah is my third, and my fifth girlfriend is ms robin.”

so many things to be amused by here… the fact that he has a list, his creative numbering even though he knows ordinal numbers just fine, that he skipped four, that #3 and #5 are daughter and mother, that his frequently projected wife didn’t make the list. we couldn’t stop laughing.


all i want for Christmas…

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we were having a great time playing at the kiddie park area of the local aquatic center for the first time this morning. unfortunately, the sequel missed a step one of his times climbing up and down the slides and hit his mouth. at first, i thought he just caught the bottom of his chin and it was no big deal. unfortunately, when i sat him down to inspect him more thoroughly, i found that he had knocked his lower front teeth loose too. hard to tell the extent but one of them is sticking further forward and twisted to the side a bit now. i feel so badly. when we got home, i made him a nice soft lunch but it still hurt him and he kept asking me every few bites to kiss his teeth. it broke my heart… my kisses are supposed to make all the hurt stop and he just kept looking at me like “why isn’t it working, momma?” i am praying that he’ll have the restraint to stop touching and tonguing at them so that maybe they can re-seat themselves and it’ll all be fine. we’ll baby his poor mouth for the holiday weekend and keep a close watch and evaluate on tuesday whether he needs to see a dentist.