girls, girls, girls

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the turkey talks a lot about his future as a family man. he tells us all about his plans of marrying charlotte, how they’re going to have a house far away, how they’ll sleep in the same bedroom, how they’re going to have twenty… yes, TWENTY, “itty-bitties,” how he’s going to talk to her belly and the itty-bitties will kick his face. we think it’s hilarious listening to all of his plans (and hope it’s normal).

today, i asked him if his friend hannah was in sunday school and he proceeded to tell us that she was and that he sat next to her because she’s his 3rd girlfriend. when i inquired about his others, his response was “ms kyla is my oneth girlfriend, my twoth girlfriend is kaitlin, hannah is my third, and my fifth girlfriend is ms robin.”

so many things to be amused by here… the fact that he has a list, his creative numbering even though he knows ordinal numbers just fine, that he skipped four, that #3 and #5 are daughter and mother, that his frequently projected wife didn’t make the list. we couldn’t stop laughing.

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