five stages of mourning

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i don’t think i’ve actually ranted it because that makes it real… a very important member of our family has been not-so-slowly dying for the past few months.  i’ve been sitting at the side of the deathbed wishing and willing a miraculous recovery but i’m afraid it’s nearing time to pull the plug. 

RIP canon s1is.  you will be missed greatly but go with the comfort of knowing that you have been an excellent companion and you are loved immensely.  you have travelled around the world and provided us with countless memories these last five years.  i heart you!!!

yep, i’ve gone through all the stages… i was angry when the signs of illness very suddenly appeared on 19 february:


my anger quickly led to denial… i had not dropped, moistened, or in any way abused my poor camera.  surely it was going to be okay.  it must just be a temporary bug.  afterall, it still took some fairly normal photos when it wanted to.  the pink distortion would go away with time and tenderness, right?

next came the bargaining.  i emailed the two photographers i knew to ask their opinion of the symptoms and offer a possible diagnosis.  maybe i could get it fixed well enough that i could keep it for underwater photography.  afterall, the waterproof housing cost almost as much as the camera and it sure would be nice to not have to throw it away.  i didn’t mind getting a new everyday camera… just let this one live stably enough to be used on those rare wet occasions. 

when both of my photographer friends came back with different but equally costly sounding diagnoses, they both suggested it would be better for me to just move on.  this spiraled me into depression over my dearly departing camera.  not wanting to push it to an earlier grave, i put it up in a safe place to rest.  and too sad over my loss to think of replacing it, i’d resigned myself to a cameraless fate…

i think this weekend finally moved me into acceptance.  i started seriously looking at other cameras.  well, actually, i saw one camera and haven’t been able to look past it – what can i say, i fall fast and hard.  so my frontrunner right now is the canon sx10is.  it’s a bit bigger and heavier but i’m wowed by the features.  especially the 20x optical zoom!  i’m willing to look at others if you have any comparable recommendations.  unfortunately, i don’t know what to do with my very expensive (when i bought it anyhow) and newly worthless uw housing for the s1is, but i am considering a separate uw camera this time around.  this species is much more confusing and overwhelming to me.  the olympus 1030sw seems to be my best fit so far but i’m really unsure about the whole thing.  any suggestions are welcome.

thank you, elizabeth kubler-ross, for helping me to properly grieve and move on in this difficult time.

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my condolences in this time of grief

April 29th, 2009 at 13:01

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