bridging the lonely

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without hubby here to push me, i really had to talk myself into going out for the bridge run tonight.  i’m glad i did because, while jogging, i realized that i now have social outlets when he’s out of town.  sure, they’re exercise related social activities but it really helps break up the lonely. 

the run itself was decent.  it was bloody hot and sunny.  there was a nice breeze but it pushed against me a good bit so it wasn’t a total perk.  don’t get me wrong, i’d rather have to run into the wind than have no wind at all in this heat!  i was really excited when we started out because there was another lady right there with me and i thought i was going to have another slow-poke to jog with.  granted, she was easily twice my age and said she was nursing a knee injury but i was still happy.  after a quarter mile or so, she started slowly pulling ahead of me.  by the time i made it to the bridge, she was at least a hundred yards ahead.  yep, i got smoked by the old injured lady.  oh well. 

i had my music (which i had to keep turning up to hear over the friggin motorcycles) and i was moving forward.  i stayed winded but i kept up my slow jogging pace the entire way.  though i only did the once over the bridge, i did add on some little side loops to increase my distance to somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles.  my guess would be 3.6 or 3.7.  overall, i felt pretty good about the matter and i had a great time hanging out with everyone afterward.

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I am so impressed! Verily, I cannot run, even slowly, for that distance.

May 1st, 2009 at 10:20

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