update on cam (son of coworker hs)

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on our way out of atlanta yesterday, we stopped at the facility to visit with hs a bit. he seemed to be in good spirits and couldn’t brag enough on the facility. he said that all of the doctors there are totally johnny-on-the-spot about things and he is astounded with how quickly they get things done when they say they are going to do it. they have also been tirelessly working with him to cut through all of the red-tape of getting ssi and medicaid(?) and how to make their houses accessible. cam is back on a respirator because of some lung problems that went untreated at the other hospital but they are getting them taken care of and he should be breathing on his own again shortly. the good news is that he continues to regain motion in his arms. he still does not have tricep control but he is able to flex his bicep and has figured out how to slowly relax it in order to extend his arm back out again. he is also moving his wrist a little. still no progress on his lower body but since they were originally told that he would be a quadriplegic, they are thrilled with every progress he makes. hs feels that if he can at least get his upper body back, he can still have great quality of life. he also said that cam is very much himself and, though he has moments of despondency, he is overall positive and ready to overcome. what a blessing! amazingly, he remembers the entire incident and, during the few days that he was off the respirator, was able to tell his dad about it all. he said that he was running into the ocean, jumping waves, and on one jump the ocean floor was just closer than he thought. he landed on his head and immediately knew he was dead. he could not feel his body at all and could tell he was laying on the ocean floor being pushed around by the waves. his friend was in the water with him and thought he was playing around (poor friend had a major guilt-breakdown and required medical attention himself to get calmed down). cam said that the waves pushed him toward his friend and he saw his foot and bit down on it. that’s when his friend knew something was wrong and dragged him out of the water. amazing. i feel badly for his friend and i pray that he is able to get past this and realize it was not his fault and he did nothing wrong (unrelated but humorous – hs told friend to drive cam’s car home and after driving all that way, he got within city limits of home and the car blew up from being low on oil; hs has no idea where it even is). hs had some great stories of cam being cam and it was a really nice visit.

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