beach yoga

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they decided to mix things up a bit with the yoga.  instead of meeting in the store and watching a video, we met on the beach.  yoda had a battery operated cd player and we all laid our mats out around it near the dunes.  the gulf-side setting was ideal for the mental side of yoga.  the logistics, however, were off.  if you know me, you know that balance is not my forte.  trying to balance while the sand shifts under my mat… not too hard to get the picture.  i was a mess.  i did almost no yoga because every time i tried a pose, i’d fall over.  then there were the ants.  they had it out for me.  during the rare moment that i was successfully holding a pose, i’d have to break it to smack the ants off my feet.  that’ll teach me to get up so close to the dunes.  i’m not saying that beach yoga was a bad idea, it was a nice change, but it just wasn’t a good fit for someone of my *ahem* skillset.

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