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i mostly walked the bridge again tonight.  the only stretches that i ran were the downhill stretches.  great idea on my part!  i did try to step up my walking pace and i think i was fairly successful in that.  it took me under forty-four minutes to walk the 3.2 miles which is well under a fourteen minute mile.  not too shabby, in my opinion.  back at the parking lot, panda mentioned to hubby that she’s doing a 5k at the naval base saturday morning and i guess he told her that she should talk to me about joining her.  when i returned, the peer pressure began.  at first, i laughed.  soon enough, i was considering it and gave her a “maybe.”  panda ran the bridge while i walked so i couldn’t really get a feel for her pace but i felt that it was fairly comparable to my own.  she assured me that, since it will be her first 5k as well, she plans to do a walk/run.  before we left, i told her that i’m “leaning toward it.”  i know i can do it.  and i think i’d like to.  especially if there’s a chance that i could do my first race with someone.  my one hesitation is that i saw hubby swim/run with these military folks and get put in his place.  and hubby is an athlete but these people are just… more.  it’s a bit intimidating because i always said when i run my first race my only goal will be to not be last.  however, under these circumstances, i think there’s a very real chance that i will be so i’ve got to get okay with that before saturday morning.  we’ll see.

after the run, we came home to get cleaned up and then went back out to meet mello, nightingale, and faith at a club where their neighbor’s band was playing.  nothing like dinner, conversation, and entertainment after a run (walk)!  my favorite part… mello’s amazement at me “letting my hair down.”  ha ha!  i know that i’ve had my hair down in front of that crowd before but he swore he’d never seen it down and couldn’t believe i had so much hair.  i laughed and gave him the pouty “you never pay me any attention” line.  fun times!

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