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still no time for shower blogging but i wanted to do a quick update on previous prayers and make a new prayer request.

  • coworker’s son cam has finally been moved out of the icu after six weeks. he is breathing on his own four to five hours a day but he gets tired and has to be put back on the respirator. he still has no control of anything below the chest but hope remains that that will change. he has bicep and wrist control but no fingers. with a special wristband that holds utensils, he is able to feed himself.
  • my friend starts his chemo treatments tomorrow. i pray that he is able to get through these treatments with little ill-effects. he just hopes he can keep his hair.
  • my sis-n-law’s mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. she will be undergoing a radical mastectomy in the next week or so. please send prayers her way as her family has had its unfair share of cancer. SIL’s father died a few years ago from cancer and her sister had a very scary battle with it after that. they are naturally very worried about their mother and i worry about SIL’s genes.
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My family and I will keep them in our prayers!!!

August 12th, 2008 at 18:32

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