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what can i say?  it’s been a quiet week. 

  • wednesday night yoga has been cancelled until further notice which limits our social interaction and activity.
  • the bridge run last night was… nothing to speak of.  i walked to the water table (just before the bridge), stood around and talked with mello’s son, and walked back with hubby and cargo after they had made their trip over the bridge.  hubby is still having pain with his kidney.  it makes me sad to see him still hurting and generally not feeling… right.  he barely ran his one lap over the bridge last night, walked back to the parking lot with me, and was so nauseated he just sat on a curb while i visited around for a few minutes.  we didn’t stick around long at all because he just wasn’t feeling well.  my poor boy. 
  • more on that… hubby went back to the dr wednesday and they did another ct scan today.  they said his kidney and ureter look fine and they can’t figure out why he’s still hurting so they put him on more antibiotics and made him an appointment for two weeks from now when the specialist is back from vacation. 
  • we’re supposed to be heading to wedowee after work today for FIL’s bday and a family reunion tomorrow.  everything is kind of up in the air right now because hubby might have to leave from there to visit a bank on monday and that is quite the logistical nightmare for us.  i should be packing but i just don’t know what’s happening.  for now, laundry is my excuse.  last load is in the dryer. 
  • i’m getting increasingly bummed about my leg pain.  i truly don’t think it’s anything serious… just a nagging pain that a lesser sissy could grin-and-bear… but it prevents me from doing much of anything because it starts hurting to the point that i’m afraid of serious injury. 
  • how am i supposed to train for that half-marathon in march if i keep injuring myself???
  • more importantly, how am i going to lose all this friggin weight if i keep injuring myself???
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