fun-filled weekend

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we’ve been having a great time with my cousin and cousin-n-law! yesterday, they entertained themselves about town while we worked and then we all went out kayaking when we got off. apparently, i tried to kill my cousin. i’m such a failure. such is life. after the harrowing experience, we relaxed with dinner, wine, and olympics. we went to bed earlier last night than i have all week. good thing the swimming and gymnastics are wrapping up. this morning, i woke up to news about a potential hurricane heading our way. makes sense. as my cousin was packing to come up here, she assured me that her visit would bring a hurricane our way. she’s good to her word, most of the time. i’m also fully expecting her to flood my house. after a yummy breakfast – i love having a good breakfast on the weekends – we headed to seaside, where the truman show was filmed. it was a very pretty town. we walked around for a couple of hours, consumed some tasty gelatos, and then started back toward home. we stopped along the way at a similarly planned community (actually, quite similar since it was developed by the same persons who developed seaside fourteen years earlier), rosemary beach. some friends of ours recently moved there and have been trying to talk us into following so we went into the realty office and were able to go into a few condos and a house there. i doubt we’ll be moving that way but it was fun to look. the architecture in these towns was amazing but i really wasn’t all that keen on the insides. i’ve always been that way. i like the exterior look of historic homes but i really need a modern interior. it’s just how i roll. we made a lap around that town and then headed home. my cousin was jonesing to get back on the proverbial horse. luckily the water was far calmer today (yellow flag as opposed to double red) and her and i had a very nice paddle in the ‘yaks. we then went out and swam around a bit while my hubby paddled some. there was an extraordinarily large (no joking, this was the biggest i’ve ever seen!) school of fish out there that we played around with and my cousin managed to get a nice fish pedicure out of them. it was wonderful water time. there was some talk of trying to get together with mrs who but plans fell through so we went from the gulf to the pool/hot tub. we then came back up for olympics and dinner. there will likely be rockband (hubby is really pushing the rockband) and/or scrabble in our future tonight.

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since you failed miserably at drowning me, are you going to poison my martini?

August 16th, 2008 at 19:25

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