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my cousin left yesterday but we had a great weekend. sunday’s fun swimming and ‘yakking in the gulf in the morning. hubby and i paddled about a mile and a half which doesn’t sound like much but i was very proud of myself and my arms were exhausted by the time we got back. not to mention that my hands have blisters all over them from gripping the paddle. after a morning of watery fun, we grabbed some lunch and rested a bit before heading to our favorite shopping plaza to walk around in the way too hot sun. after our lap around there, we came back to the air conditioning for a little more relaxing before dinner. my cousin and i played a partial game of scrabble. i was smashing her until she managed a 92 point play and then we went back and forth for a bit. we never finished the game because hunger got the best of us. they were wanting seafood. apparently most people feel that it’s unnatural to be at the beach and not eat seafood. guess i’m just a weirdo. since we don’t go out to eat much, we couldn’t really reccommend a seafood place off the bat. we did mention a place that we keep hearing is great but we’ve not been. that’s where we went. i’m very pleased that my cousin, who is totally a foodie, could not stop raving about the food. we now have a seafood place to take people to. it was actually a nice place too. looks like such a hole-in-the-wall from the road. after dinner, we came back for more beach fun. my cousin swam by herself while me and the boys hung out on the beach. when it got dark, the crabbing commenced. hubby and my cousin were hunting the water crabs while cousin-n-law and i hunted beach crabs. i’m sure she’ll have pix up at some point on her blog. after crabbing, there was pre-bedtime wii fun. we really had a great time all weekend. i’m so glad they came to visit! after they left yesterday morning, things got way busy around here. work exploded, it was messy. last night was a bunch of being lazy. who knows what’s on tap for tonight.

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can you believe I haven’t even downloaded my camera yet? Stupid TS Fay distracting me.

we had a great time!

August 20th, 2008 at 8:29

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