the low after the high

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the bridge run tonight was really great.  surprising really, since i was feeling so *blech*on the way out there.  i ran further up the bridge than i have been before walking the rest of the up.  i then ran hard down where i encountered a sidewalk closed sign with tape all around it.  so i veered off and took a longer path down toward the college before turning around and running back to the bridge where i walked up again.  i met hubby at the top and he turned and went back with me the rest of the way.  i ran hard down, walked while i grabbed and drank my water cup, and jogged back to the parking lot.  i really felt great about it.  and i felt like i had been faster.  even though i added a little (very little) distance on the other side of the bridge, i was almost back up to the top of the bridge before meeting up with any of the two-lappers.  it also seemed like the camaraderie was very high tonight.  not only did i get smiles and words of encouragement, but it seemed to be the night of the high-fives.  six or seven guys wanted their hands slapped as we passed.  which was nice… a bit odd and i badly wanted some hand sanitizer from exchanging sweat with so many guys… but it was a nice, uplifting gesture. 

sadly, my “runner’s high” was to be short lived.  i got home, turned on the tv, and discovered that showtime has been taken away from me.  i am so frickin bummed about this.  they play the funkiest movies but i absolutely love their shows.  i’ve been counting down the days to dexter‘s new season because i’m a total dexter addict.  and this season of weeds hasn’t even ended yet.  and i was just getting caught up on californication.  i really, really hope that it comes back in the next few days but i’m doubtful.  seriously, folks, i cannot even tell you how sad i am over this.

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