the unkindness of strangers and running around

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last night, we went to mello’s store to get hubby a new pair of running shoes.  while there, we made tentative plans to meet up with them at our plaza later on.  we stopped to do a bit of grocery shopping on our way home and that was where i had a complete stranger make me feel like absolute crap.  hubby and i went up separate aisles.  i was getting some whole wheat pasta when a man approached me.  i’m not a fan of getting approached by strangers to begin with but i try to be genial and unafraid.  this man handed me a card and told me that he knew a program that would help me lose my extra weight.  cue the polite smile while struggling to fight back tears.  why?  why would you say such a thing to someone you don’t know?  i know that i’m not as svelte as i once was but i didn’t realize i had gotten so monstrously huge that a stranger would want to help me lose weight.  luckily, hubby came up the aisle a moment later and he left.  unfortunately, the damage was done and i felt downright lousy for the next couple hours.  good thing we had plans with friends and the fun conversation was enough to pull me out of the funk.  next stranger that tries to talk to me will get an immediate fu. 

this morning we got up early to go meet a guy about some surfboards for sale.  hubby had talked with him last night and made arrangements to meet him at his house at 07:00 to look at the boards.  so…we go up at 06:00… on a saturday.  and we drove a couple towns up to meet this guy.  we called when we were a couple miles from his house to let him know we were just about there and he informed hubby he wasn’t home.  apparently he had emailed hubby but he didn’t bother to check his email at 06:00.  great.  up at the crack of dawn on a saturday for no reason.  luckily, the guy told us to go on into his yard and where to find the boards so we could at least look at them.  we looked them over, called mello for a phone consultation, and called him back.  there were a couple minor (i guess, we really don’t know anything about surfboards) dings that the guy volunteered to patch up.  he’ll fix them and then bring them to us sometime this week.  the good thing about that is that we should be able to arrange to have scooter or mello around to look them over before we make the purchase. 

when we got back home, i made a quick breakfast and then napped on and off the rest of the morning and afternoon.  around 18:00 i decided it was time to get off the couch.  i dragged hubby away from work and we walked down to the park at our plaza to run some laps.  we took the gps with us so that we could finally measure of a mile lap.  it took us three laps to get it right but i think we ended up with the right combination of turns for a 1.03 mile lap.  close enough for government work.  so after our 3.06 miles of running, we walked through the plaza a bit, grabbed some dinner at panera, and then walked back home.  with the roughly four miles of walking there, around, and home, it ended up being seven miles of activity.  not too shabby for a saturday.

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I’m slow.
A good reply would have been, “I know an excellent plastic surgeon to help you with your face.”

August 26th, 2009 at 9:04

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