just keep swimming, just keep swimming

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it’s finally here… the time of year that we can start reclaiming our beach and pool.  and so i have.  yesterday was the first time in months that i swam laps in the pool.  i did either 24 or 28 lengths.  i was aiming for 28 but i think i only got 24.  i lost count when ms. B. stopped me to talk for several minutes.  such is life.  it was my first day back at it so i was fine with it being a short one.  when i was done with my workout, i got out and headed toward my towel and ran straight into cargo.  we talked for a few minutes before i realized that it was him and his new girlfriend sitting on the steps at the other end of the pool.  they had been sitting there for probably half my laps with me swimming right up next to them and i never noticed it was them.  and they never realized it was me.  so we talked for a few minutes while i dried off and then i went over to say hi to K before heading back up to work.  we made plans to get together last night but were never able to get in touch with them.  we did go out with scooter and sunny and a couple of their friends, though, so that was fine.

today i did 40 lengths of the pool, which is the equivalent of 2/3 mile.  there was a little girl, probably four years old, who was very intrigued by my swimming.  she asked questions such as “why are you swimming so many times?” every time i got to her end of the pool.  she even followed me back across the pool once (she had water-wings on).  i told her what an awesome job she had done swimming all that way and she exclaimed that her legs were SO tired.  she ended up getting out and walking back to the other end again.  my next lap by her, she asked why my legs weren’t tired.  i told her that they were very tired.  she asked why i kept swimming if i was tired.  i told her that i was swimming for exercise and it was good to get tired when exercising.  i don’t think she got it but she sure was cute.  i wanted to stick her in the pocket of my robe and bring her home!  on my last lap, i made sure to let her know that i was done swimming and that i had enjoyed talking with her.  sure she slowed me down but she was such a cutie, i didn’t mind. 

really, there’s not a whole lot to say about swimming so i won’t be going on about it all the time, but i do intend to make it a regular part of my workout routines again.  and i’m genuinely looking forward to it, even if it does kick my butt.

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