sweet dreams are made of this

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i don’t know where i come up with my dreams sometimes. it’s never really that they are that outlandish – usually they’re very realistic – but the contents can be astounding. last night i dreamt that three of my coworkers died within a week. one of them being my very dear friend who i have been so concerned about while he is fighting cancer. in my dream, i even lamented about how i had been so worried about him beating the cancer and he died from this stupidly unrelated cause (the cause was linked for all three but i’m not even going to get into it because it was so stupid). one of the other guys was the one who got new lungs two and a half years ago. i cried for days walking around the office, packing up their stuff for their widows to pick up. when i woke up, my pillow and face were drenched in tears. i spent the rest of the morning going in and out of the dream and it has left me emotionally drained this morning.

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that’s horrible

August 29th, 2008 at 5:52

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