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well now that i’ve finally finished my travel log for our vacation over a month ago, i can allow myself to resume regular rants again.  or something like that.  we’ll see how well i do.  my health has been conspiring against me for the last several weeks.  i didn’t get started on the travel log right away because i came back from vacation sick.  it’s been on and off since then.  culminating in the horrible-stomach-bug-of-thanksgiving-2009 and the sinus infection/headcold that has flourished this last week.  good grief.  i used to be a healthy person, didn’t i? i was joking with hubby that the thanksgiving incident was to be blamed on our four mile run that morning but now i’m really starting to wonder.  it seems i’ve had more flus, colds, infections this year than i have since working at the daycare center ten years ago.  the only difference is my increased activity.  perhaps running my body down is doing more harm than good.  such is life.   so a little catchup for the last month:

  • hubby finally had surgery to remove the cyst from his neck.  we were relieved to have the growing mass excised and more relieved that there were no indications of cancer or nerve damage. 
  • our condo hosted an “owner’s party” the night before the annual election.  i’m sure there was one last year too but we must have been out of town.  we had a good time with some of our neighbors and even won two door prizes:  a gift certificate to a salon for a shampoo/cut/style and a $25 gift certificate to a local winery.  it’s so nice to be a winner every so often.
  • hubby is now officially on the board of the condo.  good thing?  we’ll see.
  • work has become nothing more than an endless MONDAY.  i have nothing more to say about that.
  • the thanksgiving diet gave me a reaffirmed appreciation for my in-laws.  they were so, so good to me in my time of need.  and it was nice to have a mommy while i was so sick.
  • the thanksgiving diet, however, was very unwanted fodder for the rumor mill.  several times i had to say, between heaves, “yes, i am certain.”  my SIL actually called me all excited asking if i had news for her.  said i, “no news other than that your FIL has high hopes.”  she was mighty disappointed.
  • it amazes me, knowing me and all, that i have become the type of  person to get up early on a weekend just to go and cheer on a bunch of runners in a race.  who am i?!
  • we are having a nye party.  i’ve never thrown a party.  ever.  (okay, that’s not true, i threw a beautiful bridal shower for my friend last year but that was with a great deal of assistance from my very classy sissy)  you know what i mean.  so anyhow, i’m starting to get excited because it looks like it may actually be successful.  we’re already up to about fifteen attendees so that rocks.
  • that is all for now.  perhaps i’ll be able to resume regular ranting now.
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