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my first week of 13.1 training went very well, imo.  the second week, however, was nonexistent.  epic fail.  in all fairness, hubby’s marathon and a very agrivating illness derailed me.  which really stinks because i needed to do an 8 mile run last week but it had to be postponed until this week which made me feel like i had to up it.  jumping from six to nine… oy!  i did remind myself this week that walking in the sand is really, really good for my running legs.  i need to make a bigger effort to incorporate that into my training.  if i can walk at all tomorrow, i should take it to the sand.

  morning lunch evening
monday   ran 1 hr  
tuesday     walked 1.5 mi in sand
thursday     ran 6 mi over bridge 
friday     walked 2 mi in sand 
saturday     ran 9 mi 
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that’s exhausting.

It must be so much easier finding time to train when your husband is a training freak.

January 24th, 2010 at 18:31

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