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this was my big week, aka let’s-make-my-legs-despise-me week.  and it worked big time.  the nine miles actually wasn’t terrible.  i woke up and set out with a positive attitude.  i made a conscious decision to not worry about my time or my pace or anything else.  i was not going to push myself into another leg injury like my last niner.  i stayed slow and steady.  i walked when i needed to and didn’t feel guilty about it.  nine miles was three laps of the bridge.  each lap, there was a pod of dolphins playing in the bay to help entertain me.  i love living here.  hubby walked along side me while i ran.  yep, that’s how slow i am.  and i’m fine with it.  unfortunately, because i postponed last week’s long run until sunday, that meant that in order to rest my legs after, i had to run three consecutive days.  my body is not meant for such things and i tweaked something funky in my left leg.  it was like a knotted muscle right on top of my shin.  so this week’s long run will end up being pushed to sunday and messing up next week all over again.  i want my legs to have as much time and icing as they need to get over it. 

also of interest, hubby carried the gps to the park one night and we found that the loop i’ve been doing there is actually 1.12 miles.  this means that last week’s 7 miler was actually 7.84 which makes me feel much better about the time it took.  likewise, the nine miles i put in there this week was actually over ten. 

  morning lunch evening
sunday  ran 9 mi on bridge    
tuesday     ran 4 mi 
wednesday     ran 5 mi 
thursday     ran 6 mi on bridge
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