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apparently, now that i’m just over a week from race day, i’ve given up on training.  i did do my eleven miler for last weekend’s long run and every second of it was torture.  my legs were just dead from the 24+ miles that i put on them last week.  the first lap of it, my legs were seriously tight.  the second lap, they had loosened up and i was feeling pretty good.  the third lap, i had absolutely nothing left.  it was seriously all i could do to pick my legs up each step.  i was so happy to finish that one.  there were other factors too:  it was hot, my audiobook had reset itself so that i had to listen to four chapters over again, not a single dolphin in sight, and we got a later start so i was famished half way through (though i did eat two strawberry newtons every 45 minutes). 

the rest of my week got off to a good start.  i surprised myself by getting my three miler over with the day after the eleven.  vast improvement from my first niner when i couldn’t walk for several days.  but then i was supposed to run four on wednesday.  and i just didn’t want to.  so i ran my five on thursday at the bridge and figured i’d go back and do four friday.  but hubby wasn’t feeling it either.  and i was supposed to do seven over the weekend but after staying up until the wee hours two nights in a row, i just don’t see it happening.  and i just don’t care anymore.  i know i can do 13.1.  and i know it’s going to be slow no matter how well trained i am.  judging by that eleven, i’m probably better off going on cold legs anyhow because it was so hard dragging my dead-tired legs eleven miles. 

  morning lunch evening
sunday ran 11 mi on bridge     
monday     ran 3 mi 
thursday     ran 5 mi on bridge 
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You are Awesome, and don’t let your legs tell you otherwise!!

March 2nd, 2010 at 0:06

i don’t know… i think my legs are pretty wise! 😉

March 2nd, 2010 at 12:14


March 7th, 2010 at 18:59

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