where’d that burst of energy come from?

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somehow, i woke up this morning feeling energized (makes no sense since i didn’t sleep well). i got up, saw that hubby was gone, got dressed, and hit the stairs. i took a watch this time so that i could track my time a bit better. i made it down (22 floors) in four minutes flat. i made it up (24 floors) in 05:13. not too bad. i expected by time to dramatically increase on the second “lap” because i tend to be much more winded and my legs tend to protest more the second time but i made it down (all 24 floors this time) in 04:25 and up (all 24 floors) in 05:40. not too shabby, imo. anyhow, i ended up doing 104 flights (2×24, 3×10, 4×5, 3×2) in sixty-seven minutes. though i still feel like i’m dying, i am clearly getting better at this. go me. of course, when i try it again in two weeks, i’m expecting to be right back at square one again. oh well – that’s a worthwhile price for vacation fun.

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