the problem with missing one…

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is that it’s just so easy to miss more.  i slacked monday because i felt like the crud in the tread of old shoes.  so i did monday’s run yesterday and was going to do yesterday’s five miles today… and i would have but hubby walked outside and came back in with a diatribe about being sick of being so cold… next thing i know we’re snuggled up under a blankie on the couch watching a movie.  and it was so, so easy to skip the run.  such is life.  i’ll do five tomorrow on the bridge instead of the four on the schedule.  i’m really not worried about it because my training has been going so well and i don’t feel like this little bit of slacking is going to hurt my race at all.  it’s just funny how easy it is to get lazy now.

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it’s so easy to not run. I’m so proud of all the running you’ve done! And look at your new running widget!

February 9th, 2011 at 20:53

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